Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office

Promotional Activities

A new TV programme “Hong Kong Medicinal Street”


The Department of Health (DH) and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) jointly produced a documentary titled "Hong Kong Medicinal Street", which delves into the development of Chinese medicines and the significance of the Hong Kong Medicinal Street. The documentary (Cantonese version) will be broadcasted in two episodes on consecutive Sundays, November 5th and 12th, 2023 at 7:30 PM on RTHK TV channel 31. We cordially invite everyone to join us in watching "Hong Kong Medicinal Street" with their friends and family.

The first episode is titled "A Century-Old Herbal Market", provides insights into the historical connection between Hong Kong and Chinese herbal medicines. Through engaging interviews with experts and stakeholders from the Medicinal Street, the programme unveils the unique roles played by the trade, the manufacturing of proprietary Chinese medicines, and the Chinese medicines industryas a whole.

Since the return of Hong Kong to China in July 1997, the development of Chinese medicine has entered an exciting new phase. Hong Kong has established a solid foundation in terms of regulatory control, scientific research, education, and citizen services related to Chinese medicines. In the second episode, titled "Advancing Quality Research in Chinese Medicines," we will explore the future direction of Chinese medicines in Hong Kong. The government has been collaborating with local industries, academic and research institutions, as well as diverse sectors of society. Additionally, efforts to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with mainland China and overseas partners are underway. Hong Kong will continue to be the bridge to the world, promoting Chinese medicine globally and elevating its development to new heights.