Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office

Import and Export Control of Chinese Medicines

The import and export of proprietary Chinese medicines and 36 types Chinese herbal medicines (including 31 Chinese herbal medicines specified in Schedule 1 and the 5 Chinese herbal medicines specified in Schedule 2 (Flos Campsis (凌 霄 花);processed Radix Aconiti (製 川 烏);processed Radix Aconiti Kusnezoffii (製 草 烏);Radix Clematidis (威 靈 仙)and Radix Gentianae (龍 膽) of the Chinese Medicine Ordinance ) as listed in the Schedule 1 and 2 to the Import and Export (General) Regulations (Chapter 60, sub Leg.A), Laws of Hong Kong, are subject to licensing control. Importation / Exportation of these articles must be covered by an import/ export licence issued by the Department of Health.

Application Form

  • (a) Application for an import licence should be made on Import Licence Form 3 (TRA 187) (blue).
  • (b) Application for an export licence can be made on either

Applicants could directly fill relevant information on the PDF form, print the application form on white A4 paper, and sign on the application form with black ink and stamp the company chop, or they could print the PDF form on white A4 paper, fill in the relevant information with black ink and accomplish with signature and company chop.

Application for import/export licence of proprietary Chinese medicines and/or Chinese herbal medicine should be submitted to :

Chinese Medicines Management Division
Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office
Department of Health
16/F, AIA Kowloon Tower, Landmark East
100 How Ming Street
Kwun Tong
Enquiries: 3904 9230

Please visit the following link for "Guidelines for Application for Import/Export Licence of Proprietary Chinese Medicine":

For "Guidelines for Application for Import/Export Licence of Chinese Herbal Medicines" (applicable only for wholesalers in Chinese herbal medicines and manufacturers in proprietary Chinese medicines), please visit the following link:

Please note that any person importing or exporting of the aforesaid 36 types of Chinese herbal medicines and proprietary Chinese medicines without an import and export licence may commit an offence under the Import and Export (General) Regulations. The person who is found guilty shall be liable to a fine at HK$500,000 and to imprisonment for 2 years. Please visit the link for the details of the regulations.