Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office

HKCMMS Database


The Department of Health, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in this database of Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards (HKCMMS) enables search based on the "Official Name", the "Chinese Name", the "Chinese Phonetic Name", the "Family Name", the "Scientific Name" and the "Chemical Marker Name". This database only support search in two languages: Traditional Chinese and English.

The information provided by the Government in this database is for reference only. Whilst the Government endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the general information in this application, no statement, representation, warranty or guarantee, express or implied is given by the Government as to its accuracy or appropriateness for use in any particular circumstances. This database also contains information contributed by other parties over whom, and in respect of which, the Government may have not influence. The Government is not responsible for any loss or damages whatsoever arising out of or in connection with any information including data or programmes in this application. The Government reserves the right to omit, suspend or edit all information in this database at any time in its absolute discretion without giving any reason or prior notice. Users are responsible for making their own assessment of all information in this application and are advised to verify such information by making reference to original publication and obtaining independent advice before action upon it.