Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office

Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure

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Role and Function

Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards Section

The Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards (HKCMMS) Section is established under the Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office to manage and co-ordinate the development of standards for commonly used CMM in Hong Kong.

International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board (IAB) consists of local and international renowned experts. The IAB was established to give advice on the principles, methodologies, parameters and analytical methods for the development of HKCMM standards. It also decides the contents of the HKCMMS, recommends the research institutions to take up the research and laboratory work, and determine the target herbs. The IAB usually meets every 18 months to evaluate and endorse the research results.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee (SC) comprises visiting IAB members, representatives from participating research institutions as well as the Government Laboratory. The SC is responsible for regular monitoring of the progress of research and laboratory work. It is also tasked to resolve various technical issues encountered in the process and examine the research results.

Government Laboratory

The Government Laboratory of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region has assisted in the development of HKCMMS through the conduct of inter-laboratory comparison studies on chemical methods developed by the research institutions, as well as trial run studies.

Research Institutions

Research institutions (RIs) with relevant capacity and capability will be commissioned on a contractual basis to conduct the laboratory and research work. There are at present four local universities participating in the HKCMMS Project. To strengthen research efforts under the HKCMMS Project, the Department of Health has been exploring research co-operation opportunity with research institutions outside Hong Kong. In 2011, cooperation agreement were signed with the National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) under the National Medical Products Administration, the People's Republic of China and China Medical University (CMU) of Taiwan for sample collection and research on CMM under HKCMMS Project. The six RIs, including the four local universities, NIFDC and CMU, carry out their work with reference to the expert advice of the IAB.

Other Partners

The HKCMMS Project receives great support from Mainland regulatory authorities and professionals. The National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the National Medical Products Administration offer their valuable advice on the development of CMM standards, and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission of the People’s Republic of China gives permission for us to use the information of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Experts from Mainland also join in the IAB and help with the work of the HKCMMS Section.

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