Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office

Key Activities

1. Development and Promotion of Traditional Medicine Strategy

  • Providing technical support to the WHO to develop its WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy (2014-2023) as well as the Regional Strategy for Traditional Medicine in the Western Pacific (2011-2020).
  • Organizing meetings on traditional medicine strategy for the implementation of the strategy.
  • Printing the WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy (2014-2023) in 6 official languages. Apart from local promotion of the Strategy, distribution of the Strategy to various destinations in 6 WHO regions was also arranged to promote the use and practice of traditional medicine.

2. International Collaboration

  • Nominating various experts to attend international meetings to share experience in development of traditional medicine.

3. Training and Capacity Building

  • Organising various training workshops and conferences to equip regulators and inspectors from different countries with the skills and capacity in developing herbal medicine standards and enforcing quality control of traditional medicines.
  • Supporting the WHO in updating the current monographs on herbal medicine.
  • Participating and providing expertise in various WHO meetings.

4. Consultancy Service to WHO

  • Providing advisory / consultation services to the WHO and its Member States on traditional medicine related research and programmes.