Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office


  • Vision and Mission

    Our vision is to become a global centre of excellence on traditional medicine via setting up the WHO Collaborating Centre for Traditional Medicine.

    Our missions:
    • Promote the integration of traditional medicine into the national health system
    • Contribute and support WHO’s global networking activities in traditional medicine
    • Support and nurture professional expertise development on traditional medicine

  • Terms of reference

    • At WHO's request, providing technical support to WHO on the development of WHO’s International Herbal Pharmacopoeia
    • Under WHO's leadership, provide technical inputs to WHO and its Member States on testing of Chinese Medicine
    • At WHO's request, support WHO in implementation of WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023

  • Features of the Collaborating Centre

    • Convergence of Chinese and Western cultures

      Hong Kong is a pluralistic urbanized city while preserving many traditions of China, making it an ideal place to develop traditional medicine.

    • Extensive local and global networks

      The Collaborating Centre has maintained close networks with local and international regulators, health care professionals, academics, and organizations of traditional medicine. These are valuable resources of the most competent health care expertise in the global spectrum that the Collaborating Centre can mobilize.

    • A multi-disciplinary crew

      The Collaborating Centre has a dedicated crew of multidisciplinary professionals including public health specialists, pharmacists, Chinese medicine practitioners, and experts in identification of Chinese medicines. It can certainly leverage on the diverse expertise and background of staff members to achieve its objectives.

    • Comprehensive regulatory control on Chinese Medicine

      The use and practice of traditional medicine regulated in Hong Kong provide the most comprehensive legal framework and governmental structure which are conducive to traditional medicine development.